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Over a period of time we had observed, due to competition in international trades most of the chemical industries in our region were required to shut down or were declared sick units in the last decade.But now it’s time for the start-ups and new entrepreneurs to start their sick units or a new set up, as the demand for supplies again increasing in the Chemical and Pharma industry.To help them out in the start-ups we had came forward with a new concept of “Chromato-Café”where we had set up some analytical instruments that are used for quality testing and control.With the new concept of “Chromato-Café” we offer some paid services on “Your Sample – Our Instrument” basis.We had set up a small Laboratory equipped with “Bruker Gas Chromatograph”Model Scion 456, coupled with a Capillary Column attachment for FID and TCD detector controlled byCompass CDS software.Presently the model is with manual injector but soon or later it will be equipped with a Liquid Autosampler. We had placed a well calibrated “UV-VIS spectrophotometer”Model Chemito UV2700, a pH meter manually calibrated,Veegomatic “Automatic Potentiometric Titrator”and a “UVCabinet”.We had started this service in Lote Parshuram MIDC near Chiplun in Ratnagiri district.Anyone can avail the facility on hourly basis prior to appointment.Please make a note we do not interpret the results it’s “Your Sample – Our Instrument” only.So, relax and just concentrate on R&D investment or in plant set-up, be assured for testing of the yield and rely on our instrument for quality testing.