Dual Syringe Pump

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Syringe pumps (also known as syringe drivers) are used to move fixed volumes of solutions at a specified rate. Scientific syringe pumps generally offer a higher degree of control and precision than medical syringe drivers, and are frequently used in the lab to acquire reliable and easily repeatable results that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain.
For accurately dispensing or extracting solutions, scientific syringe pumps are an essential piece of lab equipment. Precision-programmable syringe pumps that are capable of both infusion and withdrawal are extremely versatile, but for the most the flexible setup choose a dual pump model. Those that allow each to be operated independently cover the widest range of applications.
The Ossila Scientific Syringe Pump is a low-price, high-precision and fully programmable syringe pump designed to make life easier by enabling the automatic dispensing of solutions.
Available in single or dual pump models, our syringe pumps are suitable for experiments that require either slow or quick dispensing of solutions.