A world of innovative inventions to the age of Analytical Instrumentation and serve the Analytical industry with a belief to be at the Peak. ARYA ANALYTICAL SERVICES has been established in Oct 2005, as a Analytical Instrumentation company in Thane, now with a total working experience of 19 years in Analytical Industry. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of Lab Grade Analytical Instruments markets in India. Based on the decision of the company to diversify, we are now taking this company to serve the Asia-Pacific sector.

ARYA ANALYTICAL SERVICES conduct Analytical Instruments marketing as well as Servicing and consultancy of Analytical Instruments. The company undertakes all maintenance contract on AMC basis (AMC for Gas Chromatograph, AMC for HPLC, AMC for Spectrophotometers) and on As & Where required basis for Chemical, Pharma, Textile and Refinery Industry & organizations and conducts all the repairs and maintenance for the Instruments. The company

provides Calibration, Method/Validation and Sample Analysis facility services too. ARYA ANALYTICAL SERVICES, also presently deals with marketing of Gas Chromatograph, High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph, Spectrophotometers, Chromatography Data System (Integrator Software) and servicing of same. We are associated as trading agents of Leading brands, International and National, for marketing of their products such as Agilent Technology – USA, Thermo – USA, Data Apex- The Czech Republic, Shimadzu – Japan, Netel – India, HTA – Italy, Rittun/Rigol – Shanghai P.R.C., SOPTOP – Shanghai P.R.C., DLAB – P.R.C.

We commit to deliver positive customer experience, across all channels of our business and are dedicated for providing not only the best but also the most reliable in analytical services. We are well-equipped to handle almost any project regardless of scope or complexity and are here to provide accurate and timely services. Irrespective of our size, we have always retained a uniqueness that has allowed us to truly understand the industry, encouraging innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit that creates strong links between our business operations. In our business, we are focused on delivering superior services through offering a broad range of technical services to our clients that is unrivalled.

We offer various range of services that are tailor made for clients to support them in meeting their short and long-term objectives. Our team is always committed to providing uncompromised, professional and quality result in the best turn-around time. However, our true strength does not come from the wide array of R&D, contract testing service that we offer, but from our ability to solve non-routine highly complex problems. To build long term relationship with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

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